About Us

Illusions is a well established Rhythmic Gymnastic Club existing in the Halifax-Dartmouth area since 1985. Throughout the year we offer recreational and pre-competitive classes. We also have a competitive program in which we train provincial and national level gymnasts. At Illusions, our vision is to create a positive, fun environment where the emphasis is placed on personal accomplishments and having a lasting experience through sport. Our primary focus is to have fun and to teach your children about rhythmic gymnastics - being creative with music and dance movements while using balls, ribbons, ropes and hoops!

Our practices are held in both Dartmouth and Bedford locations.

Ecole Du Carrfour

Ecole Du Carrfour, 201A avenue du Portage, Dartmouth

Ecole secondaire du Sommet

Ecole secondaire du Sommet, 500 Larry Uteck Blvd., Bedford