Capella program

Capella (A) program is identified for girls ages 6+ and focuses on a more intensive approach as the athlete progresses through the Provincial Stream Program. Athletes will be guided through warm up exercises which will emphasize flexibility, strength and form. They will work on more advanced body and apparatus technique which will prepare the athletes for competitions outside of Atlantic Canada. There will be a strong focus on the athlete’s physical and mental preparation to help each athlete achieve these goals.


Athletes in this program must train a minimum of 10 hours per week.
See Training schedule.


1. Etobicoke Invitational 2019 – Toronto, ON – Jan 25-27 (Capella Individuals only – must qualify)
2. NS Provincial Championships 2019 – TBC (local)
3. Atlantic Championships 2019 – Fredericton, NB – March 29-31
4. Eastern Championships 2019 – Toronto, ON – April 12-14 (Capella Individuals and Groups – must qualify)
5. Illusions Invitational 2019 – TBC (local)
6. National Championship 2019 – Toronto, ON – May 15-19 (Capella Groups only – must qualify)
7. All athletes must commit to a minimum of 3-4 demonstrations over the course of the season (Nov-May).

For more information please contact the Technical Director (Julie Jeffery) at